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  1. Agency spend broken down by trusts for their paediatric departments.

  2. Details of any public relations firms used within the last 3 months.

  3. Details of discussions surrounding consideration of a merger with NHS England.

  4. Details of suppliers who applied for the wound drainage post-operative and intra-operative autologous blood system products.

  5. Qualitative data on the National Reporting and Learning System.

  6. Copies of assessments relating to electronic hand hygiene monitoring technology pilots.

  7. Our performance, achievements and accounts for the financial year 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018, including highlights from across the organisation and results of stakeholder research.

  8. Breakdown of agency spend for mental health trusts.

  9. Spend by the Model Hospital Team on contracts held with Softwire Technology Limited and Four Eyes International.

  10. Request for correspondence around Martin Innes’ future departure from NHS Improvement

  11. Information in relation to policy and guidance for Never Events.

  12. A list of all contacts for estates and facilities managers within NHS Hospitals.

  13. Request for Kings College Hospital NHS foundation trust’s five-year plan.

  14. Copies of all speeches which NHSI's representative to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation meetings with medical agencies has read out since April 2017.

  15. Copies of letters, emails and meeting minutes between NHSI’s Senior Operational Agency Data and Intelligence Lead and Brookson’s Group.

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