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  1. Procedures for consultation with non NHS bodies and those applied in relation to the update to the Single Oversight Framework.

  2. Spend on agency staff

  3. Information relating to the background of NHS Trust Chief Officers.

  4. Information relating to the development of NHS Trust Boards.

  5. Data regarding use of the ‘break glass’ clause by NHS trusts to breach the pay cap on agency workers.

  6. Request for agency nursing spend and headcount broken down by trust

  7. The proposed duration of the appointment of the Improvement Director at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

  8. Reports and correspondence relating to Great Ormond Street Hospital’s review of its gastroenterology department.

  9. Further details in relation to information previously released about delayed breast cancer diagnoses.

  10. Request for ranking by trust of expenditure on agency as a percentage of total expenditure.

  11. Request for correspondence between Ed Smith (NHS Improvement), Larry Renfro (Optum) and Stephen Hemsley (United Health).

  12. Information about NHS Improvement’s technology information including video conferencing.

  13. Copy of the paper on provider policy and new care models prepared for the private session of the meeting of the Board of NHS Improvement on 25 May 2017.

  14. Information on the care hours per day, per patient on the model hospital portal.

  15. Copy of presentation, transcript and accompanying speaker notes for keynote address to IHEEM’s Estates Conference on 10-11 October 2017.

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