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  1. Information relating to statistics around patient safety incident data for financial year 2016/17.

  2. Information in relation to A&E and RTT trajectories for NHS trusts

  3. Information in relation to the number of patients being kept alive against their will.

  4. Information in relation to contracts for fixed telecommunications and internet services.

  5. Request for information on the cost in man hours and sterling of absences of NHS employees.

  6. Information relating to spend using government procurement cards and credit cards.

  7. Information relating to the number of Medical Consultants under Less Than Full Time Training contracts.

  8. Finances of NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts.

  9. Details of spend and contracts regarding printing services.

  10. Details surrounding scanners

  11. Information relating to the cost of GPs prescribing the wrong medicine, doses or sizes.

  12. Request for NHS providers costs per Weighted Activity Unit (WAU) for seven different workforce areas for 2014/15 and 2015/16

  13. Agency and bank spend by trust for 2017/18

  14. Request for information held by NHS Improvement in relation PFI hospital related schemes held by NHS trusts.

  15. Request for summary of all recorded deaths showing medication errors involved, for financial year 2016/2017, naming the drug involved.

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