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  1. Information in relation to policy and guidance for Never Events.

  2. A list of all contacts for estates and facilities managers within NHS Hospitals.

  3. Request for Kings College Hospital NHS foundation trust’s five-year plan.

  4. Copies of all speeches which NHSI's representative to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation meetings with medical agencies has read out since April 2017.

  5. Copies of letters, emails and meeting minutes between NHSI’s Senior Operational Agency Data and Intelligence Lead and Brookson’s Group.

  6. Details of professional negligence in relation to children with autism type neurodevelopmental disorders.

  7. A consolidation of the audited accounts of NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts for the financial year 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.

  8. Copies of agenda and minutes of meeting between HMRC and the Senior Operational Agency Data and Intelligence Lead.

  9. Papers presented to the Operational Productivity Programme Delivery Group.

  10. Details of risk of falling in hospital if you are over 65.

  11. Agency and bank spend league performance table in quarter 4 2017/18 for NHS Trusts and NHS Foundation Trusts.

  12. Details of spend and assessments carried out for weed management programmes.

  13. Agency spend ranking for Q4 2017/18 for NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts.

  14. A copy of the National Reporting and Learning System dataset and the variables held in that data set.

  15. Updated version of a spreadsheet published in relation to the use of the ‘break glass’ clause to breach pay cap on agency workers.

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