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  1. Request for quarterly gifts and hospitality logs for Monitor and NHS Improvement.

  2. Request for breakdown of hospital spend on increased pay rate or use of off framework agencies for nursing shifts due to staff shortages.

  3. Request for information relating to NHS Improvement staff positions and contact details and various policies and procedures.

  4. This request asked for details of the outputs from work commissioned by NHS Improvement.

  5. Request for information on products, prices paid and trusts that have committed to the programme.

  6. Request for information regarding our investigation into referral to treatment (RTT) at Kettering General Hospital Foundation Trust.

  7. The request asked for the NHS Trust Development Authority (TDA) guidance on non-executive director expenses.

  8. Request for details of NHS trusts that applied for foundation trust status.

  9. Request for ICT documents relating to NHS Improvement.

  10. Request for corporate and administrative trust level data collected by NHS Improvement relating to Cheshire and Merseyside STP footprint.

  11. Request for copies of the papers for the private session from NHS Improvement's board meeting held on 25 May 2017.

  12. This request was for a report on back office savings in March 2017.

  13. This request was for information on the publication of personal information.

  14. This request was Information relating to a meeting held with Great Ormond Street Hospital in July 2016.

  15. Request for Information about NHSI’s use of Regulation 14 of the National Health Service (Procurement, Patient Choice and Competition) (No. 2) Regulations 2013 to declare contracts ineffective.

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