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  1. Details of spend on business rates in 2017.

  2. Request for the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch's structure chart and spend with consultancy personal.

  3. Details of the 2018/19 A&E and RTT Improvement Trajectories for NHS Trusts

  4. Details on Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust's original activity, workforce and financial plans.

  5. Details of information held regarding mobile phone contracts.

  6. Request for HSIB’s structure chart and spend with consultancy personal.

  7. Details of work into backlog maintenance commissioned from Loughborough University.

  8. Request for the number of missed outpatient appointments.

  9. Request for a report into the alleged up-coding malpractice at Royal Wolverhampton NHS trust.

  10. Request for the combined reports of the NHS Staff Survey results.

  11. Request for minutes, papers and terms of reference for the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

  12. Papers presented to the three most recent meetings of the Provider Leadership Committee.

  13. Request for a detailed split of temporary recruitment across NHS trusts for the Bank and Agency channel.

  14. Request for the number of reports under NRLS for ambulance services and incident type.

  15. Pilot trusts and their suppliers participating in bank flexible working app

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