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We are building an environment for success by empowering leaders and developing improvement capabilities. We encourage collaboration across the sector and the increased use and sharing of established improvement tools and techniques.

The provider task to 2020 is extremely stretching and ambitious

Providers need to deliver high quality patient care, NHS Constitution access standards and financial balance, eliminating unwarranted variation across all these areas. At the same time, they also need to make the transformation that is needed to ensure long-term sustainability and, in so doing, to reduce the three gaps described in the Five Year Forward View: health and wellbeing, quality and finance.

This requires providers to increase their capability by improving leadership and engaging staff fully to maximise their contribution, as well as improving technology, innovation and research.
You can find more detail on the provider task and our support in Implementing the Forward View: supporting providers to deliver.

We support providers to deliver

A combination of focused service improvement and a change to the culture and leadership environment is needed to address unwarranted variations in quality, access and efficiency between and within providers. 

To support this, we will:

  • support all trusts to develop the capability to improve and apply evidence-based improvement methodologies
  • encourage providers to actively engage patients in improving services
  • scale up and spread the learning from providers more systematically
  • support the coaching and mentoring of new leaders and create a cadre of interim executive leaders to stabilise the most challenged providers
  • continue to provide dedicated support and development for providers in, or at risk of being in, special measures, including senior leadership capacity and buddying
  • support long-term capability-building 
  • support providers in implementing the recommendations of the Carter Review. We will also be working with non-acute providers to apply similar methodologies and tools to these sectors

We will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of this support, and seek to refine our methods based on evidence of what works to support improvement, including through feedback from providers.

We support leaders and rapidly share good practice

Some of the current approaches to improvement which best exemplify the models we want to test and develop going forward include:

You can find an initial selection of our programmes in our Resources section.

We support providers at system level

With our system partners at national level we aim to:
  • create an environment for provider success and address sector-wide issues through national policy, pricing and other levers
  • collaborate, instinctively and naturally, with NHS England and Care Quality Commission (CQC) at national, regional and local levels
  • speak with one voice to the service, aligning approaches with NHS England and CQC to ensure that our collective messages and actions present a consistent set of priorities

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