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    • andrew.hoeller-2
    • 16 Dec '19

    We are trying to determine our workforce levels for the future and future-proof the service, and we would require additional comments from you when you reply as we need the comparison to take into account the following:

    1. Do you have a recruitment issue? If so, what grades do you find hard to recruit to? What actions have you taken to remedy this?
    2. Do you have a retention issue? If so, what grades do you find hard to retain? What actions have you taken to improve this?
    3. Is the service run in competition with AQP providers within your patch?
    4. What is the service’s level of activity?
      a. ENT support only XXX
      b. Adult hearing aid activity only XXX
      c. Paediatric activity only
      i. Diagnostic ABR XXX
      ii. Hearing test only (support) XXX
      iii. Hearing aid fittings XXX
      iv. Other __ XXX
    5. Do you provide any of the following services:
      a. Cochlear Implants-Adults / Paeds Y / N
      b. BAHA-Adults / Paeds Y / N
      c. Other implants ___ Y / N
      d. In-house earmould-making Y / N
      e. NHSP Y / N
      f. APD testing Y / N
      g. Paeds ABR Y / N
      h. Paeds hearing aid provision Y / N
      i. Direct access (please specify) Y / N
      j. Any extended practitioner’s roles __
    6. Is the service accredited through UKAS? Y / N
    7. Do you provide an in-house dispensing service? Y / N
    8. Is your appointment booking done by your A&C team Y / N
    9. Is your booking done centrally Y / N
    10. Which Audiology Patient Management System do you use __
    11. Which Hospital management system does your Trust use ___
    12. Do you have a 2-way link between the 2 PMS’s? Y / N
    13. Is your activity billing done through your
      i. Audiology PMS Y / N
      ii. Trust PMS Y / N
    14. Do you have trainees / apprentices? Y / N
    15. Which HEI provider do you use _
    16. Do you use locums? Y / N
    17. Any other comments you would like to add?
    • andrew.hoeller-2
    • 6 Jan '20

    Hi if further detail is needed please let me know.

    Kind Regards
    Snr Benchmarking and Improvement Analyst
    Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

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