Provider bulletin: 22 March 2017

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For action

Tell us what you think: new safe staffing improvement resources

Together with national partners, we’re leading a national programme to develop setting-specific, safe, sustainable and productive staffing improvement resources to support you to deliver the right staff, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time.

We’re currently seeking your views on two new improvement resources:

If you’d like to help shape the final versions of these resources, please provide feedback by close of play on Friday 28 April 2017.

Seven day self-assessment: update to collection period and deadlines

The latest seven day self-assessment data collection is underway. The new and shorter data collection period runs from 15 March to 12 April 2017.

To give you enough time to complete the work, we’ve increased the data collation time from three to six weeks. The submission deadline is now 24 May 2017.

Our clarification of the four priority clinical standards will help you to complete the self-assessment survey and NHS England’s regional Sustainable Improvement teams will continue to support acute providers to complete the survey and implement seven day hospital services.

We’ve also produced a range of new case studies featuring providers who have already introduced seven day hospital services.

If you have questions please contact us at

For information

Pre-election guidance

Forty three local government and mayoral elections will be taking place on 4 May 2017. 

If you’re in an affected area, our parliamentary engagement team recommends you consider:

  • if your planned communications activities could have an impact on the election

  • the impact of deferring any announcement, which could have bearing on the political outcome

Public consultation

As a general rule, public consultations shouldn’t be launched during the pre-election period.

Any ongoing consultation should continue as normal - taking care to avoid competing with electoral candidates for the attention of the public. For example: not generating publicity or holding consultation events for live consultations that have an emphasis on local issues. 

Visits from electoral candidates

Providers should decide whether to permit visits from electoral candidates during the pre-election period. Permission should be given on the basis that there’s no disruption to services and the same opportunities are available to all candidates.

Take care to avoid any intrusion into the lives of individuals using your services.

The ‘period of sensitivity’

Cabinet Office guidance says the period of sensitivity around these elections is not fixed to any particular date, but care should be taken:

  • at a local level: six weeks preceding elections (from 23 March 2017)
  • at a national level: three weeks preceding local elections

Latest data on reported patient safety incidents

Every six months we publish data on patient safety incidents reported to the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) broken down by each provider.

View the latest data covering 1 April to 30 September 2016 and see our analysis of incidents reported to the NRLS up to December2016.

The data shows a further increase in reported numbers of incidents as the NHS continues to foster a greater culture of openness and transparency. Better reporting helps us to identify safety concerns and supports you to improve safety within your trusts.

Regional updates

Midlands and East update

COO networking event: Tuesday 4 April, Leicester

Chairs networking event: Wednesday 26 April, Leicester

To register your attendance, please contact

Referral to treatment (RTT) masterclasses

North update

Chairs networking event: Thursday 4 May, Leeds

To find out more or to register your attendance, please contact

South update

Chairs networking event: Tuesday 6 June, Central London

Anne Eden, our South Executive Regional Managing Director, will provide a regional update followed by a Q&A session.

To register your attendance or find out more, please contact

Updates from our partners

From NHS England: data collection for new CQUIN indicators

Acute, community and mental health providers participating in the 2017/18 to 2018/19 CQUIN indicators are required to submit data on their achievement against the indicator goals to NHS Digital’s Strategic Data Collection System (SDCS).

Participating providers should first provide the information requested by 31 March 2017 here.

NHS Digital will then contact the provider to arrange registration on the SCDS to complete this collection. Please email any queries to

From NHS England: meeting the needs of children with complex behavioural challenges

Dame Christine Lenehan, Director of the Council for Disabled Children, will be presenting a webinar on her review into children and young people with complex needs (and behaviour that challenges) involving mental health problems and learning disabilities, autism or both.

The webinar (12.30pm, 30 March) will explore why the system struggles at present, and what could be done to change it to improve outcomes for children and young people.

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