Provider bulletin: 28 June 2017

This weekly newsletter is sent to NHS providers' chairs, chief executives, finance, medical and nursing directors, HR directors, and board secretaries.

For action

Seven day self-assessment: 2017/18 surveys

Working with NHS England we've agreed the timetable for the next seven day self-assessment surveys.

  • autumn 2017 survey: data collection between 20 September and 18 October. The submission deadline is midnight on Wednesday 29 November 2017
  • spring 2018 survey: data collection between 21 March and 18 April. The submission deadline is midnight on Wednesday 30 May 2018
Please email any queries to

Reducing gram-negative blood stream infections

We're supporting you to halve healthcare associated gram-negative blood stream infection rates across the NHS by March 2021. This letter:

  • highlights the action required across the NHS
  • provides an update on our offer to help you reduce infections

Data collection: executive board members' pay

We're updating our benchmarking tables of providers' executive board members' pay based on current data.

Please read this letter and complete this template with your trust's executive board salaries and return it to by 5pm on Friday 28 July 2017.

If you have any questions please contact our trust resourcing team

The Department of Health will publish a very senior managers' national pay framework later this year.

Final reminder: self-certifications due by Friday 30 June

Board secretaries please note Friday 30 June is the deadline for signing off the following self-certifications: 

  • under Condition FT4 of the NHS provider licence and (where appropriate) on training of governors
  • under Condition G6 and (where appropriate) Condition CoS7 of the NHS provider licence - the deadline for these was 31 May

Self-certifications under Condition G6 of the NHS provider licence need to be published on your trust's website by 30 June 2017.

From mid-July our regional teams will notify providers they've selected for auditing compliance with the requirement to self-certify.

If you have any questions, please email

Apply to attend TEDxNHS: 15 August in London

Following the success of last year's event, the second TEDxNHS supports inspirational people from the NHS to share their stories and ideas on a national stage.

The event, which we’re supporting, is themed ‘inspired by people’ and will feature stories on rising to the challenge, learning from failure, empowering the mind and embracing the unknown.

Find out more and apply by 11.59pm on Monday 3 July.

Growing youth social action across the NHS: #iwill campaign

We, alongside Sir Bruce Keogh of NHS England and Duncan Selbie of Public Health England, have pledged our organisations’ support to the campaign, alongside a further 700 cross-sector organisations, to enable more young people to make a difference in their communities.

Please read this letter to find out more about:

  • the campaign's ambition for 2017

  • information on youth volunteering in your trust we'd like you to share 

Please send the requested information for your trust to us by 11.59pm on Monday 31 July 2017 using this short survey.

For information

Fire safety checks update

On Saturday 24 June Jim Mackey emailed all trust chief executives thanking you for the enormous efforts you and your teams have put in to completing the questions we sent out following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower. 

Following discussions with the Secretary of State for Health, the key actions in Jim's email include:

  • a request to instigate, with immediate effect, an inspection by your local fire and rescue services of all your properties to ensure that there are no urgent fire safety risks

  • upon completion of this inspection, to please confirm by letter (signed by both trust CEO and fire inspector) that this has been concluded, and whether there are any immediate risks that need resolving

On Monday 26 June Simon Corben, our Director and Head of Profession NHS Estates and Facilities, sent out a follow-up email on how we’re supporting you to complete inspections of inpatient facilities by local fire and rescue services, the key points of which include:

  • following an assessment of the data you’ve provided, we've prioritised inspections at a number of providers that appear to need more intensive support
  • all other trusts should please continue to liaise with local fire services to organise suitable inspections of inpatient areas (in doing so, please be mindful of competing demands for local fire services’ resources)
If we can offer any further support at local level or if there are issues you need us to escalate, please email or

Engaging, supporting and valuing doctors in training

We've teamed up with a number of providers to share case studies in our improvement hub describing the positive steps taken to tackle non-contractual issues that are impacting on trainees doctors' morale and, in some cases, the care that patients receive.

The case studies offer a practical guide to improve the working environment for doctors in training.

If you have a relevant case study which other providers may benefit from, please email


Medical director engagement and learning event: Thursday 6 July, Manchester

Our event will provide medical directors with the opportunity to:

  • hear about the national priorities and our role in supporting you
  • discuss the new requirements for providers in the review and reporting of deaths
  • look at the issues and support around urgent and emergency care
  • share what you are currently working on so that other medical directors can learn from your experience

    Regional updates

    Midlands and East update

    Chief operating officer networking event: Tuesday 4 July, Leicester

    Chairs networking event: Wednesday 19 July, Leicester

    This event is for chairs to discuss issues and challenges and also network. Dale Bywater, our Midlands & East Executive Regional Managing Director, will provide an update followed by a Q&A session.

    To register or find out more please email

    North update

    Chairs networking event: Thursday 14 September, Leeds

    This event is for chairs to discuss issues and challenges and network. Lyn Simpson, our North Executive Regional Managing Director, will provide a regional update followed by a Q&A session.

    To register or find out more please email

    London update

    Diagnostics optimisation action learning event - radiology: Thursday 29 June, central London

    This event is aimed at radiology clinical leads, radiology managers, CT, MRI and US superintendents, cancer programme managers, and vanguard diagnostic leads.

    Find out more and sign up.

    Chairs networking event: Friday 29 September, central London

    This event is for chairs to discuss issues and challenges and network. Steve Russell, our London Executive Regional Managing Director, will provide a regional update followed by a Q&A session.

    To register or find out more please email

    South update

    Chairs networking event: Wednesday 11 October, central London

    This event is for chairs to discuss issues and challenges and network. Anne Eden, our South Executive Regional Managing Director, will provide a regional update followed by a Q&A session.

    To register or find out more please email

    Updates from our partners

    From the Clinical Reference Board: concerns about companies offering financial incentives to registered nurses

    This letter from Mandie Sunderland, Chair of the Clinical Reference Board, is for the attention of all directors of nursing.

    If you or your staff are approached by any non-NHS organisations seeking participation in research for financial reward, please email

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