Provider bulletin: 8 June 2016

In this edition: inspiring improvement event; 2017/18 national tariff; STP finance and efficiency template; new clinical forum; celebrating safety successes; patient safety alert clarification; demand and capacity programme; supporting information for AMR CQUIN; webinars; other healthcare updates.

Inspiring improvement - an interactive and sharing event on Thursday 14 July 2016

Join us at this event that we’re holding with the Faculty of Improvement to kick start an intensive year of improvement support for NHS providers.

This event will be a day of interaction and active learning rather than listening to ‘talking heads’, with a focus on:

  • how we can make improvements through insights from Faculty members, NHS Improvement’s teams and crucially providers across the country
  • the practical support on offer to you
  • giving you an understanding of what tools and resources are available
  • making new contacts and joining new networks

We know that there is a lot of good work going on already - this is a chance to share your work with others as well as learn, and to leave with at least one new useful idea, big or small, to implement when you get back.

We’d love to see you here and please do share the details of the event with any colleagues involved in, or responsible for, service and quality improvement.

Latest updates on 2017/18 national tariff

We're developing our proposals with NHS England for the 2017/18 national tariff, including: 

  • the timeline for the tariff 
  • the areas of work we are focusing on 
  • resources available to you 

You can also register for our 15 June webinar and find out more about the national tariff and how prices are developed.  

Sign up to receive email updates when we publish new information about the 2017/18 tariff.

Sustainability and Transformation Plans: finance and efficiency template released

We’ve released, in partnership with NHS England, financial templates and user guides to the 44 Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) leads. Please ask your lead for copies and details of submission deadlines.

The template provides a high-level, standard way of capturing system financial activity and workforce plans. It asks each footprint to show how it will close its financial gap for NHS services and achieve sustainable financial balance in aggregate by 2020/21, with a focus on system-wide transformational solutions.

For ambulance providers that serve multiple footprints, an additional supplementary return has been sent to your footprint lead. The purpose of the return is to enable you to reflect the split of your forecasted financial performance across the relevant footprints that you serve.

Our new clinical forum: helping us support the NHS to improve

We've created a new clinical forum made up of medical directors and directors of nursing from across the NHS including acute, specialist, community, ambulance and mental health providers, to help us support the NHS to make sustainable improvements. 

The forum meets every three months and will advise our Executive Medical Director and Executive Director of Nursing on the clinical issues facing providers, as well as providing feedback on our policies and proposals. 

Celebrate your safety successes

Sign up to Safety is a national initiative to help NHS organisations achieve their patient safety aspirations and care for their patients in the safest way possible.As the campaign approaches its second anniversary, now is the time to show your support and celebrate your successes in working to achieve a strong and positive safety culture. 

Over 90% of trusts have already joined the initiative - have you? If not, then sign up as an individual or organisation and make your safety pledge now.

Patient safety alert clarification

We are aware of some confusion over the actions required by the September 2016 deadline in the patient safety alert ‘Supporting the introduction of the national safety standards for invasive procedures‘. 

The fourth action in the alert asks organisations to ‘commence implementation of procedures and practice compliant with Local Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (LocSSIPS) within cycles of continuous improvement including consideration of teamwork and training, human factors and cultural aspects of compliance’. 

We do not expect you to have fully implemented all of your LocSSIPs by September 2016 but you should be able to demonstrate that you have started implementation.

National demand and capacity programme

We know that matching capacity and demand for healthcare services is a long standing challenge for anyone involved in planning the commissioning and delivery of these services, and so in partnership with NHS England we’re supporting a national programme to help providers to expand your understanding of demand and capacity planning.

If you attended one of our two-day sessions in January, we hope that you have started to share your learnings across the rest of your organisation. We all need to regard demand and capacity planning as business critical and it should be started in plenty of time ahead of the 2017/18 planning round. 

We’ll keep you informed of future events and tools to help with your planning - in the meantime you can use these tools that are already available.

Supporting information for Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) CQUIN

We’ve been working with NHS England and Public Health England (PHE) to support the delivery of the national AMR CQUIN.  

In response to feedback received from providers and commissioners across the system, we’ve produced a support package to help you deliver this national CQUIN which includes:

  • FAQs providing supporting information and answers to your questions 
  • a spreadsheet for you to submit antibiotic consumption data (Part A)
  • a submission tool developed by PHE (and sample data collection form) to facilitate the submission of empiric review (Part B) of the AMR CQUIN to commissioners

Please email any questions about the data submission to  


We are holding two webinars on agency rules.

Find out more and register for:

This webinar is aimed at colleagues who work with the national tariff and need to understand how prices are developed. 

Find out more and register for: 

Join us for the third webinar in our series for finance directors and managers on capitated/whole payment budgets. 

Find out more and register for:

Watch again:  

Out and about: other events where you can find us

NHS Confederation annual conference: 15-17 June, Manchester

You can hear our speakers addressing a range of topics at this conference including:  

  • Adam Sewell-Jones, Executive Director of Improvement, talking about the sustainable transformation of hospitals 
  • Suzie Bailey, Director of Development, talking about how to transform organisational effectiveness 
  • Nick Ville, Director of Policy, in a session looking at how we and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) are considering regulating systems in places rather than organisations in isolation  
  • Jim Mackey, Chief Executive, in a keynote speech on NHS Improvement   

You can also visit us at our stand, which we’re sharing with the CQC, to find out more about our current projects. 

Find out more and book your place.

Health+Care show: 29-30 June, London

Join us at this event in our dedicated provider theatre where we'll be running sessions on: 

  • creating the culture for continually improving care
  • the forthcoming National Leadership Development and Improvement Strategy
  • the NHS payment system
  • agency rules 

You can also visit our exhibition stand to find out more about other projects.  

Find out more and book your free place. 

Other healthcare updates

From NHS England: breaking the cycle event, Leicestershire, 15 June

We’re supporting this event where you’ll be able to hear from organisations that have successfully run a ‘breaking the cycle’ programme in the last year. You will also have a chance to share your knowledge and experience with other attendees. 

Find out more and register for the event.

Innovation from Industry: safety and flow in healthcare event, 12-14 July

Innovation from Industry is holding this three day event for senior leaders and improvement leads which will focus on different ways of thinking about where the NHS could look for ideas to improve healthcare quality and safety.

Find out more and register for the event. 

From The Department of Health (DH), NHS England and PHE: annual flu programme update

DH, NHS England and Public Health England (PHE) have published the latest guidance to help NHS colleagues across the system to prepare for implementation of the flu vaccination programme and encourage vaccine uptake in patients and healthcare workers over the winter period.   

  • The annual flu letter: this describes the immunisation programme for 2016/17. The only addition this year is the offer of the live attenuated influenza vaccine to children of appropriate age for school year 3.  
  • The flu plan for winter 2016/17: this sets out a co-ordinated and evidence-based approach to planning for and responding to the demands of flu across England.  

Medical directors, please share these updates with your chief pharmacists.

From DH: reminder of 30 day supplier payment terms

Directors of finance please remember that every public contract awarded by NHS trusts and foundation trusts should contain suitable provisions to ensure that payments are made within 30 days of the date of receipt of a valid and undisputed invoice.     

This is a requirement of Regulation 113 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and has been designed to help ensure that small and medium size businesses that may not be able to fully operate with longer payment terms are not disadvantaged by late payments. More information is available in this guidance on paying undisputed invoices from DH.

If you have any concerns or questions about your compliance with this regulation please contact your regional NHS Improvement contact.

From NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA): new NHS clinical evaluation team to give nursing a voice in NHS procurement

A new team of nursing professionals has been created to help shape the catalogue of healthcare products available to NHS trusts.

The team will work independently of suppliers and NHS Supply Chain, using their expertise to assess clinical consumables in key areas and identify those that deliver the highest quality patient care.

The team is co-ordinated by the NHSBSA and reports to the NHS Clinical Reference Board. 

From the National Guardian’s Office: Freedom to Speak Up events for non-executive directors

The National Guardian’s Office is holding a series of events in June and July for non-executive directors of NHS trusts and foundation trusts focusing on:

  • ‘Freedom to Speak Up’ guardians
  • the role of the national guardian
  • the national office

Chairs and board secretaries, please share the details of these events with your NEDs.  

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