Supporting efforts to reduce patient waiting times in Bath

We'll work with Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust to look at how patient waiting times could be reduced in A&E and for planned procedures.

The trust - which provides acute services to people across Bath and surrounding areas and specialist rehabilitation to people from across the country – has faced challenges with speeding up how quickly patients are being seen for some time.

We want to work with the trust to find out whether their emergency care plan has properly adapted to the increasing demand and what else it could do to cut waiting times for its patients.

We'll also look at what further action the trust can take to reduce waiting times for planned procedures.

Claudia Griffith, Regional Director at NHS Improvement, said:

“We know the trust has been working hard for some time to try to cut down how long patients are waiting in its A&E and for planned procedures. Patients are still waiting too long though, so we really want to find out more about the challenges it is facing and what further support the trust might need to consistently improve for its patients.

“We know the trust has been working on its emergency care planning, and we have been supporting it by co-ordinating local support, but we will now look at what else could be done for RUH Bath’s patients.”

About the trust

When the trust was authorised as a foundation trust by NHS Improvement (then Monitor) in October 2014, actions were agreed to reduce waiting times in its A&E. 

Those actions were supported at the end of last year by the Emergency Care and Intensive Support Team, who provided expert advice to improve the trust’s emergency care plan.

This year, we and NHS England have co-ordinated work between the trust and local commissioners to make sure that community care in the local health system was supporting the trust’s continuing efforts to improve A&E.

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