Core set of NHS products to be used by all NHS providers


A set of standardised products selected to help NHS trusts and foundation trusts save money through better procurement.

To achieve the savings that are clearly possible through better procurement, we're working with the NHS to standardise specifications and product catalogues. This will help to reduce the range and ensure best value prices are secured using our collective purchasing power.

We've identified a set of products that account for around £100m of NHS trust and foundation trusts' annual expenditure and we anticipate savings of up to 25% on current costs depending on market circumstances.

How it will work

We've asked NHS Supply Chain and the NHS Business Services Authority to source these products on behalf of NHS providers, taking on board recommendations from the Clinical Evaluation Team.

For this to work, NHS Supply Chain needs to purchase on behalf of all providers so it is vital that you commit your volumes and don’t compromise the initiative by purchasing outside the contracts.

First tranche of products selected for national price agreement

These products will come on stream through NHS Supply Chain in early 2017. We will update this list as new products are added.
  • nitrile exam gloves (6 Newton)
  • barrier cream and barrier film
  • medical pulp urinals
  • general purpose patient dry wipes
  • medical pulp bowls
  • blunt filter needle
  • medical pulp bedpans
  • 10ml IV Luer Slip syringes
  • vinyl examination gloves: non-pigmented and pigmented
  • blunt fill needle
  • medical pulp trays
  • non-woven island dressings

Timetable for product procurement and implementation

Action When
Trusts notified of first 12 standardised products 21 September 2016
Procurement process begins to secure best possible prices September to December 2016
First products confirmed and distribution commences January to March 2017
Compliance reports generated confirming take up and identifying non-compliance February 2017
Next tranche of products confirmed and process commences January to March 2017
Compliance reports generated confirming take up and identifying non-compliance May 2017
Review trusts that are not complying From May 2017

Contact us

If you have existing contracts in place that may delay your uptake of these products, could you please email us with details by 7 October 2016.

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