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It is mandatory for designated acute trusts to record and report the costs of acute activity at a patient level from 2018/19. This project is working to mandate patient-level costs for other services in future years.

Proposed mandation timetable

The proposed mandation timetable supports individual trusts to plan for the proposed implementation of patient-level costing across all sectors. 

We have updated the timetable to reflect the 2017/18 reference cost submission to identify each trust’s main service. Please note that, due to mergers and acquisitions the move to patient level cost submissions may change (for example Mersey Care). 

The timetable assumes all services will be mandated in line with the proposed timetable:

  • for 2018/19 only, acute activity from designated acute providers are mandated to provide patient level costs for acute services (APC, non-APC and A&E)
  • for 2019/20 we have mandated the submission of patient-level data for ambulance 999 activities 
  • following consultation, costs for mental health services will be collected at patient level for 2019/20 onwards
  • we will be reviewing mandating patient-level costing for community services during 2019 with a view to mandating from 2020/21. If you would like to be involved, please contact us

Proposed patient-level cost mandation timetable XLSX, 21.0 KB

The timetable identifies when we expect each trust to be mandated to submit patient-level costs, by service type. This will be especially of interest to integrated trusts (those providing two or more types of service).

As the proposed timetable shows, a trust whose main service is mental health, but also provided some acute and community services, would be expected to start submitting patient-level cost data as follows:

  • Mental health services – 2019/20
  • Acute services – 2019/20
  • Community services – 2020/21 (subject to mandation approval)

A trust whose main service is community health, but also has some mental health and acute services, would be expected to start submitting patient-level cost data as follows:

  • Community services – 2020/21 (subject to mandation approval)
  • Mental health services – 2020/21
  • Acute services – 2020/21

If you have any queries about the proposed timetable, please email with ‘PLICS mandation timetable query’ in the subject line.

Mandating patient-level costs: completed consultations and responses


Feedback from consultation on mandating patient-level costing PDF, 224.3 KB

This document summarises the feedback we received from the consultation and our response to it.


Mandating ambulance PLICS consultation report PDF, 185.2 KB

This summarises feedback received from mandating PLICS collection for ambulance services consultation and our response to it.

Mental health

Help and support

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