Create your own Local Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures


Templates for NHS providers who need to develop their own set of Local Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (LocSSIPs).

We've developed two templates to support NHS providers with writing LocSSIPs based on the National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (NatSSIPs).

LocSSIPs templates

There's no requirement to use these templates if you have developed your own or would prefer to use a different approach.

Template for LocSSIPs DOCX, 19.2 KB

Example template to support writing of generic LocSSIPs based on NatSSIPs

Template for LocSSIPs developed for specific procedures DOCX, 19.6 KB

Example template to support writing of LocSSIPs for a specific procedure based on NatSSIPs

Submit your LocSSIPs

If you have developed your LocSSIPs we encourage you to submit them to us so we can share them on our website to promote learning and good practice.

What are the NatSSIPs?

The NatSSIPs support the NHS to provide safer care and reduce the number of patient safety incidents related to invasive procedures in which surgical Never Events can occur.

They bring together national and local learning from the analysis of Never Events, Serious Incidents and near misses in a set of recommendations that will help provide safer care for patients undergoing invasive procedures.

They do not replace the existing WHO Surgical Checklist, but enhance it by looking at extra factors such as the need for education and training.

The NatSSIPs enable trusts to review their current local processes for invasive procedures and ensure that they comply with the new national standards.

What the NatSSIPs cover

They cover all invasive procedures including those performed outside the operating department.

To support trusts with implementing the NatSSIPs, a patient safety alert was issued, requiring all relevant NHS providers to work with their staff to develop their own Local Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (LocSSIPs).

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