Elective Care Essentials programme


Support for managers to improve the breadth and depth of their knowledge and expertise regarding the key components of elective care infrastructure that underpin and support sustainable delivery of referral to treatment, cancer and diagnostic waiting times.

About the programme

The Essentials programme offers a standardised, practical and comprehensive syllabus of applied learning covering all aspects of operational management of elective care services. It will enhance participants’ knowledge, skills and expertise in elective care operational management and enable managers to do their job more effectively.

The programme has been developed and is delivered by the Elective Improvement Support Team and includes input from external experts. Two types of the programme are offered an 'elective' programme which covers all aspects of elective care (referral to treatment, cancer and diagnostics) and a cancer-specific programme. 

Cohorts in 2020/2021

We have added new cohorts of the Elective Care Essentials programme — both elective and cancer specific. Cohorts starting from 12 onwards will be delivered over five days instead of six. The following 2020/21 cohorts are now open for applications.

Cohort No Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Elective or cancer-specific Location Closing date for applications
13 Thursday 12 March 2020 Thursday 26 March 2020 Thursday 23 April 2020 Thursday 7 May 2020 Thursday 21 May 2020 Cancer Leeds Friday 7 February 2020
14 Tuesday 28 April 2020 Tuesday 12 May 2020 Tuesday 2 June 2020 Tuesday 16 June 2020 Tuesday 30 June 2020 Cancer London Friday 13 March 2020
15 Tuesday 19 May 2020 Tuesday 9 June 2020 Tuesday 23 June 2020 Tuesday 7 July 2020 Tuesday 21 July 2020 Elective Leeds Friday 3 April 2020
16 Thursday 2 July 2020 Thursday 16 July 2020 Thursday 30 July 2020 Thursday 3 September 2020 Thursday 17 September 2020 Elective London Friday 22 May 2020
17 Thursday 9 July 2020 Thursday 23 July 2020 Thursday 10 September 2020 Thursday 24 September 2020 Thursday 8 October 2020 Cancer Leeds Friday 5 June 2020
18 Tuesday 1 September 2020 Tuesday 15 September 2020 Tuesday 29 September 2020 Tuesday 13 October 2020 Tuesday 27 October 2020 Cancer London Friday 3 July 2020

How to apply

Before applying, you should ensure you meet the entry criteria, ie:

  • have day-to-day operational responsibility for either elective care or cancer services
  • you have approval from your line manager and sponsorship from a senior executive lead in your trust
  • you can attend all the days of your chosen programme

Please select the relevant application form, clearly indicating the cohort you would like to attend and return the form to nhsi.electivecareessentials@nhs.net. This email address should also be used for general enquiries about the programme.

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