Electronic staff record — supporting medical productivity data collection


This guide is to support trusts with the 2018/19 data collection process and help improve electronic staff record (ESR) data quality.

Lord Carter’s productivity review in 2016 recognised that we do not have a full understanding of medical productivity. At the time, each specialty considered its consultant workforce in terms of whole time equivalents, taking no account of the variation in the number of sessions each colleague is paid for, extra duty payments and the fact each consultant contributes a different proportion of their time to delivering direct clinical care sessions.

This information is needed to accurately benchmark medical productivity in the Model Hospital but was not available nationally in a format that could be easily obtained and analysed.

Over the last few years, while the manual collection of this data has been invaluable, we are now moving from manual to automated collection and publication of ESR data on the Model Hospital, in response to trust feedback.

These changes should improve data quality and increase the frequency with which data is refreshed. High-quality data gives your board a better understanding of the trust’s medical productivity, including which departments require more support and common themes for improving productivity across the organisation to ensure high quality care for patients.

This guidance aligns with the ambitions outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan, which commits to ensuring the information available on the ESR and other sources, such as the Model Hospital databases, provide both local and national bodies with real-time access to a single source of trusted information to guide and support both day-to-day and strategic workforce decision making.

ESR short guidance PDF, 593.7 KB

This guide is to support trusts with the 2018/19 data collection process and help improve ESR data quality.

Trust 2018/19 data will now be automatically extracted from ESR, with no manual data collection using Excel spreadsheets, and published on the Model Hospital in November 2019 and then refreshed in March 2020. These changes will impact on acute, acute specialist, community and mental health trusts.

The quality of data published on the Model Hospital depends on how accurately it is recorded in ESR. This phased publication gives trusts the opportunity to review their data, identify data quality issues and correct them at source on ESR.

Please make sure your trust uses this guide to review and improve the quality of its ESR data.

From March 2020, we will start more frequent data reconciliation, aiming to release data in quarterly rather than annual tranches.

An additional change is that starting with the 2018/19 data collection we will be reporting workforce data by ‘workplace’ rather than by ‘lead employer’.

If you have any questions about this guide or would like to give feedback, please email nhsi.medicalproductivity@nhs.net.

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