Embedding quality improvement skills with Pedro Delgado


We have produced a short series of videos with Pedro Delgado the Head of Europe and Latin America region for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), to help you build improvement capability and embed quality improvement skills in your organisation.

In 2017 we partnered with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to publish an improvement guide called Building capacity and capability for improvement: embedding quality improvement skill in NHS providers

The ‘dosing approach’ to building effective quality improvement capability, outlined in our publication, has been applied in many NHS organisations and touches upon many key issues such as:

  • leading for improvement
  • creating a right culture for improvement
  • making the best use of data 

Someone who has worked with many NHS organisations on these challenges is Pedro Delgado, and in this series of videos he shares his thoughts on what has worked well in terms of building improvement capability in NHS organisations.

How can leaders help the transition from 'measurement for judgement' to 'measurement for improvement'?

‘One of the things we've seen as being most effective is actions around how an organisation looks at their data in a static way, meaning red-amber-green (RAG) ratings versus a dynamic way — meaning variation over time.’

In this video Pedro shares his thoughts on how NHS organisations can adopt measurement for improvement.

What level of expertise should NHS staff have in relation to quality improvement?

‘Everyone should know what quality improvement is and some of the basics. Senior leadership needs to have fluency for leading, which is different from the granularity needed by frontline teams — everyone needs to have fluency.’

In this video Pedro shares his thoughts on the ‘dosing approach’ and how to build capacity and capability for improvement. 

What role does leadership play in creating a culture that allows quality improvement to flourish?

‘It's not enough to passively support quality improvement, it requires active participation which is more effective.

In this video Pedro talks about the role of NHS leadership and creating a culture which enables quality improvement to happen.

What inspired you to become an advocate of quality improvement?

‘It was a little over 15 years that I fell in love with quality improvement and the early days of quality becoming something that was embraced by many healthcare providers. I was lucky at the time to have access to IHI's training, and the opportunity to continuously improve.

In this video Pedro shares what inspired him to start his quality improvement journey.

What advice would you give to NHS providers starting on their quality improvement journey?

‘What isn't everywhere is system-wide approach to quality improvement. The 'dosing approach' invites people to consider a comprehensive approach, a system-wide approach to quality improvement.

In this video Pedro shares his advice to NHS organisations about starting their quality improvement journey.

Find out more about Pedro Delgado.

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