Endoscopy capacity and demand tool


A model to help you understand your endoscopy demand and estimate the capacity you may need to meet it.

Endoscopy model (populated) XLSX, 1.0 MB

A populated example of the endoscopy model

Endoscopy model (blank) XLSX, 1015.6 KB

A blank copy of the endoscopy model, which is ready for you to complete and use

This model helps you to understand:

  • your endoscopy demand, and also the variation in demand, for your specialty
  • the current service 
  • the core capacity you genuinely have available to see patients and the ad hoc/flexible capacity you rely on to deliver the service

The model will provide an estimate of:

  • the capacity you need to meet your demand
  • the backlog that may need to be cleared to sustainably deliver national, and locally agreed, waiting times standards 

To use this tool you will need to have a good understanding of basic demand and capacity theory and terminology.

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