Fab Change Day: highlights from 19 October 2016


Fab Change Day brings the NHS together to celebrate improvement and encourage staff to share their ideas for change.

How is NHS Improvement getting involved in Fab Change Day?

Fab Change Day isn't just about one day, it brings together a range of great campaigns that focus on different areas across the NHS. These are the campaigns that we're involved in:

  • #RandomisedCoffeeTrial - we encourage our staff to meet for coffee with someone from another part of the organisation to make new connections and share learning  
  • #Red2Green - following this guide from our Emergency Care Improvement Programme will help you to identify what value you are adding to a patient's experience and turn their red days to green
  • #Specialistnursesaddingvalue - this campaign supports and promotes nurse specialists, giving them the resources to demonstrate their value and raise their profile
  • #Stopthepressure - our Executive Director of Nursing, Ruth May backs this campaign to reduce pressure ulcers across the NHS and is raising awareness of sharing good practice so avoidable pressure ulcers are eliminated
  • #TimetoChange - we have pledged to become a 'Time to Change' employer as we recognise that it's important to work in a positive environment where we all look after each others' well being

We've also published our latest improvement update which shares some of the learning that is out there in the sector. Sign up to receive future newsletters. 

What pledges have NHS Improvement staff made?

Here are some of the pledges our colleagues have made. Follow us on Twitter @NHSImprovement and see what others have pledged. 

Suzie Bailey, Director of Leadership and Quality Improvement

Annabelle Walker, Talent Management Lead

Kiran Chauhan, Senior Development Advisor

How can I get involved?

  1. Search 'Fab Change Day'
  2. Tweet #FabChangeDay
  3. Follow @FabChangeDay

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