Flow in providers of community health services: good practice guidance


A report to help you improve flow into and out of community health services.

Good patient flow across health and social care systems is crucial for the NHS to run an effective and sustainable service. If patient flow is poor hospitals become congested, clinical outcomes are poorer, financial performance deteriorates and staff will be overstretched.

Delayed discharges from non-acute providers have risen as much as in acute providers over the last two years, and we recognise how important it is that we focus on the interface between community services, and other health and social care services.

The aim of the report is to support you in improving patient flow, in turn benefiting clinical outcomes and freeing up capacity during the winter period. It sets out nine measures we would like you to adopt over the next six months.

Red2Green improvement tool

To accompany this report we've also published a tool to help you collect and share findings on Red2Green days.

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