Gram-negative bloodstream infections: evidence and further resources


We've collated a range of evidence, guidance, examples of practice and supportive resources into one place, providing easier access for health and social care workers leading on or interested in preventing Gram-negative bloodstream infections (GNBSI).

Clinicians working in the field leading on prevention of infection have told us there are gaps in the evidence base and evidence and resources are not always easy to find.

To help with this, we have collated the evidence, guidance, some examples of practice and supportive resources into one place so health and social care workers can access this information more easily.

Fundamental standards and legislation in England

Infection prevention and control standards in England that all providers of healthcare should be compliant with. While they are not specifically focused on GNBSI, compliance with these standards are essential to prevent infections.

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Systematic reviews for reducing GNBSI

Systematic reviews and meta-analysis focused on GNBSI and interventions specifically aimed at carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae, Acinetobacter baumannii and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

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Interventions targeting the source of GNBSI

Evidence and guidelines for interventions that specifically target the most common sources of infection relating to GNBSI.

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Environmental cleaning

Studies and reviews looking at the role of environmental cleaning and decontamination in helping to prevent and control the spread of infections. 

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Implementation of evidence into practice in health and social care settings

Useful tips on how to close the gap between theory and practice so there is sustained compliance across systems, with all professionals taking ownership and desired action to prevent infections.

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Reducing GNBSI: examples of practice

Published examples of how to reduce Gram-negative bloodstream infections from hospitals in England.

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Method of review

This is not a systematic review or literature review although there are reviews contained within the resource. We searched the published literature, standards, guidelines and resources in OpenAthens and using other online sources. The search strategy was supported by the Public Health England Knowledge and Library service and focused on interventions and infection prevention and control strategies to prevent or reduce GNBSI. 

All resources were up-to-date at the time of publication. Please email with any new resources for consideration.

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