How to make NHS mergers work better for patients


Many NHS trusts and foundation trusts are considering merging in pursuit of better integrated, higher quality, more cost effective care. These guides are based on advice from those who have already planned and implemented a merger.

Working with Aldwych Partners and Cass Business School we have used existing research and interviews with senior executives at NHS trusts and foundation trusts to produce resources for providers contemplating, planning or implementing a merger.

The resources will help senior executives and clinicians decide whether a merger is the right choice to deliver improvements for patients, and if so how to ensure it is successful.

Mergers in the NHS: lessons learnt and recommendations (summary) PDF, 439.1 KB

A summary of the merger process from beginning to end ‒ from creating a strategic rationale to achieving cultural integration. It sets out the biggest challenges that people leading merging trusts should anticipate and gives practical advice on how to overcome them.

Improvements NHS providers have achieved through mergers PDF, 284.8 KB

Describes what service improvements and savings NHS trusts and foundation trusts have achieved in the past, offering insight into what others can realistically expect to achieve through merger.

Factors affecting the success of NHS mergers PDF, 362.7 KB

Key factors that can affect the delivery of improvements through merger and practical advice on how best to achieve these for patients.

Supporting evidence

Literature review PDF, 353.9 KB

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