The Model Hospital


The Model Hospital is a digital information service designed to help NHS providers improve their productivity and efficiency.

How it works

The Model Hospital is an easy-to-navigate tool that can be used by anyone in the NHS from board to ward. You can explore and compare productivity, quality and responsiveness data to identify opportunities to improve.

The Model Hospital is broken down into five 'lenses' which offer different perspectives from which to review hospital activity:

  • board-level oversight
  • clinical service lines
  • operational
  • people
  • patient services

Each lens contains domain-specific compartments. From here you can drill down into any area of your trust to see where you're performing well and where there are opportunities to improve.

Contact us

We're continuously developing and improving the Model Hospital. This includes new or refreshed metrics across every area of your trust.

If you have any feedback or questions, please email us at

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    • nhsi
    • 20 Apr '17

    resource was opened for discussion.

    • lcaine
    • 8 Sep '17

    I can't seem to access this can you advise?

    • annie.campbell
    • 29 Nov '17

    I cannot access Model Hospital main page. Please advise.

    • manx.baker
    • 15 Feb

    how do you get assigned the Modern hospital app in Okta? when I try to access it says I am not assigned this app.

    • melodypotdar
    • 20 Feb

    How can I get an access to Model hospital ?when I tried it says not assigned for an access.

    • andrew.jones47
    • 23 Feb

    I cannot seem to log IN? can you advise please

    • suren.arul
    • 24 Feb

    Rubbish - how much NHS money has been spent on this site? Yet no one appears to have checked that normal clinicians either working at home or on their NHS computers can use this. Clearly the productivity advice being dished out here does not apply to NHS improvement. The questions in this forum have been raised since September 17 and yet no one from NHSI has posted a response or found a solution

    • nhsi.modelhospital
    • 26 Feb

    @manx.baker Hi, I can see that your access was approved on 16 February shortly after this comment. If you have any further problems please could you contact us via

    Many thanks

    • nhsi.modelhospital
    • 26 Feb

    @melodypotdar Hi, you should now be able to access the Model Hospital. If you have any further problems please contact us via

    Many thanks

    • nhsi.modelhospital
    • 26 Feb

    @andrew.jones47 Hi Andy, I'm very sorry to hear you are having access problems. Please can you e-mail us via and we will be able to help.

    Many thanks

    • steve.lawley
    • 2 Mar

    Hi I am a new user and have tried to login to the main Model Hospital page but cannot gain access ?

    Thanks in advance


    • rebecca.mallick
    • 3 Mar

    Hi how do I get access to the model hospital

    • don.west
    • 13 Mar

    I just registered with Okta with the specific aim of accessing Model Hospital, yet it now tells me "Sorry, you can't access Model Hospital because you are not assigned this app in Okta". Please can you let me in?

    • nhsi.modelhospital
    • 14 Mar

    @steve.lawley Hi Steve, I have checked our database and you appear to have Model Hospital access assigned to your profile. Please could you send us the details of any error message you are receiving to

    • nhsi.modelhospital
    • 14 Mar

    @rebecca.mallick Hi Rebecca, you should now be able to access the Model Hospital

    • nhsi.modelhospital
    • 14 Mar

    @don.west Hi Don, I have approved your access for you now

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