MRSA: guidance on post-infection review


Follow the approach set out in this guidance to deliver the aspiration of zero tolerance of on MRSA bloodstream infections (BSI) and help prevent future infections.

Tackling preventable healthcare associated infections is one of the government’s key priorities: preventable MRSA bloodstream infections should no longer be acceptable in NHS-funded services.

From April 2018 the mandatory reporting of MRSA BSI will continue as before but the post-infection review process is changing. Post-infection reviews will become a local process  and will only be required for organisations above a certain MRSA BSI rate threshold, set to capture approximately 15% of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and non-specialist NHS trusts.

Update on the reporting and monitoring arrangements and post-infection review process for MRSA bloodstream infections PDF, 237.5 KB

This update describes the detailed requirements for the reporting and review of BSI caused by MRSA, part of the Single Oversight Framework, from April 2018 and it includes lists of the trusts and CCGs that will need to carry out post-infection reviews. It will support commissioners and providers of care to deliver zero tolerance on MRSA BSI, as set out in the April 2014 planning guidance below.

Post infection review guidance PDF, 393.2 KB

The NHS planning guidance explains that in the case of an MRSA bloodstream infection, a post infection review will identify why an infection occurred and how future cases can be avoided.

MRSA screening guidance (England) update

The Department of Health  advisory committee on Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infections (ARHAI) have published new guidance outlining a more focused, cost-effective approach to MRSA screening whilst concentrating on reducing infections and improving patient health.

These new guidelines have been informed by the National One Week (NOW) study and could be used to inform policy making decisions should the prevalence of MRSA increase.

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