National tariff payment system 2017/18 to 2018/19: a consultation notice


Proposals for the 2017/19 national tariff payment system, as agreed by NHS England and ourselves.

The prices outlined in the consultation are not final - you can find the confirmed prices in the final tariff documents for 2017/18 and 2018/19.

NHS Improvement and NHS England concluded the 2017/19 National Tariff consultation on Tuesday 6 December. Many organisations and individuals responded to the consultation, and we would like to thank them all for their time and effort.  We are now analysing the consultation responses in detail. However, we can already confirm that the objection thresholds for the tariff have not been met.  

During the consultation, we also received feedback on tariff changes and allocations from some commissioners. These are currently being addressed by NHS England in a separate exercise.  

We've now published the finalised tariff, which comes in to effect on 1 April 2017.

Implementing a two-year tariff

The main objective for the 2017 to 2019 national tariff is to support providers of NHS care and commissioners to deliver sustainable, high quality care.

In response to feedback from the NHS, we're proposing to set the tariff for two years: 2017/18 and 2018/19. We believe that setting a two-year tariff will give the sector greater certainty against which to plan and make the investment decisions necessary to delivertransformation to the service.

Consultation documents

We've consulted on all aspects of the 2017/18 to 2018/19 national tariff.  This page contains all of the documents relating to the consultation.

2017/18 and 2018/19 National Tariff Payment System: a consultation notice PDF, 2.8 MB

The statutory consultation notice, proposed 2017/19 National Tariff Payment System and glossary.

Annex B1: The national prices and national tariff workbook XLSX, 1.2 MB

Information about the currencies and prices to use in 2017/18 to 2018/19 national tariff.

Impact assessment PDF, 2.9 MB

Assesses the likely impact of our proposals on providers, commissioners and patients.

Thank you for your feedback

This consultation closed at midnight on 6 December 2016 and we're considering all of the responses. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to the consultation.

Consultation feedback log XLSX, 610.8 KB

A summary of all the feedback received during the statutory consultation on the 2017/18 and 2018/19 national tariff.

Annexes to the consultation

Annex A1: A detailed summary of engagement and sector feedback XLSX, 811.5 KB

Information about the engagement carried out in the development of the 2017/18 to 2018/19 national tariff.

Annex A2: A detailed explanation of how to respond to this consultation and the statutory objection process PDF, 344.7 KB

Guidance on the process by which clinical commissioning groups and ‘relevant providers’ can object to the proposed method for determining national prices.

Annex B2: The models used to set national prices ZIP, 17.6 MB

This contains the models used to set prices for the 2017/18 to 2018/19 national tariff.

Annex B3: Technical guidance for mental health clusters PDF, 2.5 MB

A manual to help clinicians to accurately use the Mental Health Clustering Tool.

Annex B4: Guidance on currencies with a national price PDF, 676.2 KB

Further information and guidance on certain currencies for services with national prices.

Annex B5: Guidance on currencies without national prices PDF, 317.8 KB

Guidance on currencies specified in the 2017/18 to 2018/19 national tariff that do not have national prices.

Annex B6: Guidance on best practice tariffs PDF, 934.9 KB

Guidance to support the implementation of the best practice.

Supporting documents

Guidance on the market forces factor PDF, 433.9 KB

An explanatory guide to the market forces factor.

Guidance for commissioners on the marginal rate emergency rule and 30-day readmission rule PDF, 175.8 KB

Non-statutory guidance for commissioners is provided as a supporting document to the ‘National variations to national prices’ section of the 2017/18 to 2018/19 national tariff.

Non-mandatory currencies and prices XLSX, 59.1 KB

Information about the technology and innovation tariff and the non-mandatory currencies and prices we propose to use in the 2017/18 to 2018/19 national tariff.

Non-mandatory price model XLSX, 870.4 KB

Provides stakeholders with information about the proposed method for calculating national prices for that year and to enable stakeholders to respond to those proposals.

Innovation and technology tariff supporting information XLSX, 35.9 KB

Additional information about the innovation and technology tariff.

Material to help you submit feedback

We've produced Word versions of the consultation documents and the online survey to help you to develop your response.

Word versions of our national tariff proposals for 2017/18 and 2018/19 ZIP, 2.9 MB

This Zip file contains Words versions of the consultation documents, online survey, annexes and supporting documents.

All documents relating to 2017/18 and 2018/19 national tariff ZIP, 34.6 MB

This Zip file contains the whole consultation package in one easy to download file.

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