National Tariff Payment System 2019/20: a consultation notice

NHS England and NHS Improvement's proposals for the 2019/20 National Tariff Payment System.

Following the end of the statutory consultation period on proposals for the 2019/20 National Tariff, we can confirm that the objection thresholds were not met. Over the next few weeks we will be considering the feedback that we received.

Consultation documents

We consulted on all aspects of the proposed 2019/20 national tariff. This page contains all of the documents relating to the consultation. This includes a number of annexes relating to the policy proposals (Pp) and draft tariff (Dt).

2019/20 National Tariff Payment System: a consultation notice PDF, 2.1 MB

The statutory consultation notice, setting out our policy proposals for the 2019/20 national tariff, and the draft of the proposed tariff.

Annex DtA: The national tariff workbook XLSX, 626.4 KB

The national tariff workbook, including national prices and prices to be used for emergency care.

Impact assessment PDF, 1.0 MB

Assesses the likely impact of our proposals on providers, commissioners and patients.

Providing feedback on the proposals

This consultation closed at midnight at the end of 21 February 2019.

Annexes to the consultation

Annex PpA: Summary of feedback on proposals XLSX, 1.6 MB

Information about the engagement carried out in the development of proposals for the 2019/20 national tariff.

Annex PpB: A detailed explanation of how to respond to this consultation and the statutory objection process PDF, 269.4 KB

Guidance on the process by which clinical commissioning groups and ‘relevant providers’ can object to the proposed method for determining national prices.

Annex DtB: Currencies with national prices PDF, 447.2 KB

Further information and guidance on certain currencies for services with national prices.

Annex DtC: Currencies without national prices PDF, 347.6 KB

Guidance on currencies specified in the proposed 2019/20 national tariff that do not have national prices.

Annex DtD: Guidance on best practice tariffs PDF, 1.3 MB

Guidance to support the implementation of the best practice.

Annex DtF: Models used to calculate prices ZIP, 18.2 MB

The models used to calculate prices, including the SAS code. This file also contains the models used to calculate market forces factor.

Annex DtG: Guidance on locally determined prices PDF, 244.8 KB

Guidance to support local modifications and local pricing rules described in the proposed 2019/20 national tariff.

Supporting documents

A guide to the market forces factor PDF, 263.9 KB

A guide to the proposed market forces factor.

Guidance on blended payment for emergency care PDF, 172.1 KB

Guidance on implementation of the proposed blended payment for emergency care.

Non-mandatory currencies and prices XLSX, 551.3 KB

Information about non-mandatory currencies and prices we propose for the 2019/20 national tariff. This includes proposed prices for the maternity payment pathway.

Guidance on blended payment for mental health services PDF, 148.8 KB

Guidance on implementation of the proposed blended payment for adult mental health services.

Guidance on maternity payment pathway PDF, 187.9 KB

Guidance on the proposed non-mandatory maternity payment pathway.

National tariff glossary PDF, 111.5 KB

Definitions of key terms used in the consultation notice documents.

Regional analysis of provider revenue PDF, 93.6 KB

This documents presents a table summarising the expected change in tariff revenue at a regional level. This was produced in response to a freedom of information request.

Material to help you submit feedback

We've produced Word versions of the consultation documents and the online survey to help you to develop your response.

Word version of the survey DOCX, 23.9 KB

The online survey as a Word document. Do not use this document to submit your response.

Word versions of our national tariff proposals for 2019/20 ZIP, 3.5 MB

This zip file contains Word versions of the consultation documents, online survey, annexes and supporting documents.

All documents relating to the consultation on the proposed 2019/20 national tariff ZIP, 27.5 MB

All the consultation documents available as a single download.

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