National tariff payment system

A set of prices and rules to help commissioners and providers of NHS care provide best value to their patients.

2019/20 National Tariff Payment System

The 2019/20 National Tariff Payment System came into effect on 1 April 2019. The documents below provide details of the tariff prices and rules, and guidance on implementing them. See also the locally determined prices page for templates and information on local variations and other local pricing.

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Tariff documents

2019/20 National Tariff Payment System PDF, 703.4 KB

A set of prices and rules to help providers of NHS care and commissioners provide best value to their patients.

Annex A: The national tariff workbook XLSX, 608.1 KB

Includes national prices and prices to be used for emergency care.

Change log PDF, 115.9 KB

A list of the changes made to the national tariff documents between the statutory consultation on the proposed tariff and the final publication.

Glossary PDF, 116.1 KB

Glossary of terms used across the National Tariff Payment System documents.


Annex B: Guidance on currencies with national prices PDF, 411.8 KB

Further information and guidance on certain currencies for services with national prices.

Annex C: Guidance on currencies without national prices PDF, 345.4 KB

Guidance on certain currencies specified that do not have national prices.

Annex D: Guidance on best practice tariffs PDF, 1.3 MB

Guidance to support the implementation of best practice tariffs.

Annex E: Technical guidance for mental health clusters PDF, 1.7 MB

A manual to help clinicians use the mental health clustering tool

Annex F: Models used to calculate prices ZIP, 18.1 MB

The models used to calculate prices, including the SAS code. This file also contains the models used to calculate the market forces factor.

Annex G: Guidance on locally determined prices PDF, 248.7 KB

Guidance on local variations, local modifications and local prices.

Supporting documents

Non-mandatory prices 2019-20 XLSX, 590.2 KB

Non-mandatory prices, including prices for maternity services.

Guidance on blended payment for emergency care - 2019/20 PDF, 190.3 KB

Guidance on the implementation of the blended payment for emergency care, including a worked example.

Guidance on blended payment for mental health services - 2019/20 PDF, 149.2 KB

Guidance on the implementation of the blended payment for mental health services.

Guidance on the maternity payment pathway - 2019/20 PDF, 186.8 KB

Guidance on the non-mandatory maternity payment pathway.

Enquiries & FAQs

This workbook is published to allow users to see the enquiries which have been answered by NHS England and NHS Improvement. It also contains a summary of frequently asked questions and our responses.

Enquiry and frequently asked questions log XLSX, 366.9 KB

Enquiries and frequently asked questions relating to the tariff.

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