Rapid improvement guide: making internal professional standards work


Nine principles for effective emergency care that you can use to improve your department by translating professional standards into professional behaviours.

Making internal professional standards work for you PDF, 873.6 KB

A guide highlighting nine principles for effective emergency care.

Internal professional standards are a clear, unambiguous description of the values and behaviours expected in an organisation. They are most powerful when they are centred on patient care, are written and agreed by the clinical leaders and openly supported by the executive team.


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    • nhsi
    • 24 Jan '17

    resource was opened for discussion.

    • c.davies11
    • 23 Sep '17

    It is nice to have some standardised internal professional standards.

    I would be interested to see if anyone has tips to make them work, apart from consistency and constant discussion. Which is tiring to do all the time!

    • jamesfrance
    • 15 May '18

    Really useful resource. Is there a larger document that sits behind the 9 point summary ?
    Point number 2 - The ED team will not admit a patient likely to be able to go home just to avoid a breach of the emergency care standard - seems open to interpretation (is that home after bloods have come back and Echo fine and CT aortagram negative) with potential to shift boundary of ED care limitlessly.

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