Rapid improvement guide: the SAFER patient flow bundle


Use this practical SAFER guide to reduce delays for patients in adult inpatient wards (excluding maternity) by implementing the five elements of best practice.

The SAFER patient flow bundle PDF, 80.0 KB

A rapid improvement guide on how the five SAFER elements of best practice reduce delays for patients in adult inpatient wards.

‘Red and Green Days’ are a useful approach to optimising flow. The team discuss for every patient whether the day ahead is ‘red’ (a day where there is little or no value adding care) or ‘green’ (a day of value for the patient’s progress towards discharge). If ‘red’, action needs to be agreed by the team to create a ‘green’ day instead.


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    • nhsi
    • 24 Jan '17

    resource was opened for discussion.

    • adrienne.rogers
    • 5 Sep '17

    In the conclusion it states " Many hospitals find that where SAFER becomes 'business as usual' on all wards, length of stay falls and clinical outcomes improve"
    I'd be very interested to see evidence of this - by how much did the length of stay fall, by how much did outcomes improve, over what period and where were these measured, and is this improvement still sustained over time?
    Where can I find this information please?

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