Re-ACT- the Respond to Ailing Children Tool


Address the key factors that impact on the deterioration of child patients' condition caused by significant unintended harm in healthcare environments.

Key areas to address

Parent/carer engagement: Often the concerns of parents are not heeded or parents are not equipped or confident to raise their fears

Healthcare professionals training: The low incidence of serious illness means it is possible to become de-skilled in many aspects of recognition and reaction. Observation is a key component of paediatric practice. Health care professionals require exposure to the often subtle signs of breathing difficulty or change in behaviour in safe and educational environments in order to be able to recognise them as independent practitioners.

Not responding to physiological changes: It is well recognised that physiological parameters often deviate from normal in the hours before collapse.

Systems failure: A variety of Human Factor and Implementation issues often combine to create a paradigm where mistakes are missed or responses are too slow.

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