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We spoke to our director of elective care, Nigel Coomber, about his thoughts on last month's elective care conference.

Hello and welcome to the first in a series of elective care blogs in which I’ll be sharing feedback, reflections and insights following our elective care conference which took place in Birmingham on 4 May 2017.

A photo of Nigel Coomber our director of elective care

Nigel Coomber our Director of Elective Care

This was our fifth annual elective care conference and I was delighted to see so many colleagues from across the NHS.

Staff from over 90 trusts were there, as well as those from clinical commissioning groups and NHS England – the plenary sessions were packed, as were a number of the workshops. As usual, there was a fantastic buzz, with everyone taking the opportunity to network and get the most out of the day.

In response to demand over the last five years, we have increased the number of places year on year from 120 to 250.  This, I feel, is a positive reflection on the national appetite amongst colleagues with an elective care remit to learn about and apply best practice in their own organisations. Perhaps the event will be bigger still next year – please let us know what you think about this and indeed about any other aspect of the conference.

We started the day with an inspirational keynote speech from Professor Tim Briggs about ‘Getting it Right First Time’ and reducing unwarranted variation. A number of our breakout sessions showcased best practice, with a final keynote speech from Adam Sewell-Jones, Executive Director of Improvement at NHS Improvement.

What will you do differently?

Thanks to those of you who took the time to complete the evaluation form. The results from this were overwhelmingly positive, which supports my feelings on the day that it was a huge success.

Here are some things you said you’ll do differently following the conference:

  • "look at measurement for improvement"
  • "find ways to collaborate locally and nationally"
  • "start working with teams on 28 days to diagnostics"
  • "change our patient tracking lists approach"
  • "develop intelligent information to support service management"
  • "look at outpatient and theatre utilisation"
  • "review our current clinical harm programme"
  • "review our booking systems"

Your feedback also included some great ideas and suggestions about what we could do differently in future to support you. We’re working through all of these and I’ll keep you posted as to the next steps over the coming months. In the meantime please do continue to send us your ideas.

Key themes from the day

We picked up some fantastic insight from you during the course of the day. Here's what you told us you'd like to see:

  • NHS Improvement doing more to provide you with access to examples of good practice
  • understand more about how we will work in partnership with other teams, for example the Getting it Right First Time programme and the national demand and capacity programme
  • more opportunities to share your own experiences of managing elective care, and to hear those from others around the NHS

Have you seen our Improvement Hub?

You will be pleased to know that the elective care section of our Improvement Hub is up and running.

The Improvement Hub is a place where you can access improvement tools, resources and ideas from across the health sector - including guidance that we've created.

You can also use the hub to start a discussion, chat about an aspect of healthcare, float an idea or ask the community a question.

We’re planning on adding more useful things to the hub – the model access policy will be published there soon – and we intend to keep it up-to-date with the latest resources. Please have a look at what’s there now, and keep an eye out for further additions.

Share your learning and experiences

At the conference we saw and heard about some great elective care case studies, but we still want more! We know there's lots of great examples of elective care going on across the NHS and we want to use the hub to share these examples - no matter how big or small they might be.

Do you have examples/tools/stories you'd to share with us?

If so, please get in touch - my team would be delighted to discuss further and write up into a case study for our Improvement Hub. Alternatively, you can submit them directly to the hub via a quick and easy online form.

Answering you questions

Finally, I’d like to mention the questions that we received on the day of the conference. We said we'd get answers for these, and we will. We’ll share them in future blog posts.

If you have anything else to ask then please just let me know:

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