Safe, sustainable and productive staffing in district nursing services


Improvement resource to help standardise safe, sustainable and productive staffing decisions in the district nursing service.

Safe, sustainable and productive staffing: an improvement resource for the district nursing service PDF, 977.9 KB

This improvement resource supports safe caseloads in the district nursing service.

Safe caseloads for adult community nursing services – an updated evidence review PDF, 1.4 MB

This literature review aims to show what evidence is available to inform the development of guidance on safe caseloads in district and community nursing adult services.

This staffing improvement resource has been designed to be used by staff within provider organisations who are involved in clinical establishment setting, approval and deployment – from the team leader of the district nursing service to the board of directors. The resource may also be useful to commissioners and to users of the district nursing service. 

The resource outlines a systematic approach for identifying the organisational, managerial and contextual factors that support safe staffing. We’ve included recommendations for monitoring and taking action, if insufficient members of staff are available to meet patients’ needs.

The resource builds on the evidence review made available by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), on safe staffing for adult nursing in the community, which focused on the district nursing service and on community matrons. This has been supplemented with an additional evidence review, focusing specifically on the concept of ‘safe caseloads’ in the district nursing service.

When using this resource, you should also refer to the National Quality Board’s (NQB) 2016 safe staffing resource Supporting NHS providers to deliver the right staff, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time

We have worked with clinicians and academics to develop this suite of safe staffing resources.

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