Safe Staffing Risk Assessment Tool


The Safe Staffing Risk Assessment Tool is a resource which is used to supplement the oversight process for safe staffing across George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust.

The Safe Staffing Risk Assessment tool is used by nursing and on site/capacity teams to support decision making and risk assessment process when staffing moves are necessary to maintain quality and safety across the organisation. 

This Risk Assessment Tool has been developed to enable nursing and capacity teams to maintain clear records of decision making associated with maintaining safe staffing levels across the organisation. Outputs of these assessments are reviewed by the nursing teams as part of safe staffing oversight and to monitor key themes and inform future intervention and learning. At the George Eliot Hospital, the tool is available on a portal enabling staff to complete it electronically and maintain a repository of all assessments undertaken.

Use the Safer Staffing Risk Assessment tool to inform decision making and mitigations required to managed all associated risks. It can also support a clear governance trail associated with staffing moves. 

Key areas captured within the tool include: 

  • ward details
  •  outline of safe staffing shortfalls
  • associated risks
  • initial risk score
  • actions taken to reduce associated risks
  • residual risk score
  • details of staffing moves and supporting resources

The tool aims to complement other existing safe staffing oversight measures and has proven beneficial in strengthening the Trust’s governance arrangements associated with maintaining safe staffing.

Safe Staffing Risk Assessment Template PDF, 154.1 KB

Tool to inform decision making in regard to safe staffing and mitigations required to managed all associated risks.

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