Supporting NHS providers on executive HR issues


Guidance on a range of executive HR issues including appointments process, salaries, severance and moves.

Annual performance reviews for chief executives in NHS trusts

We would like to review the proposed annual performance ratings of chief executives in NHS trusts as well as to approve any performance related 'pay' payments for very senior managers in ambulance NHS trusts and community NHS trusts. 

You can find more information in our provider bulletin

Please return this form to no later than Friday 13 July 2018.

Guidance on pay for very senior managers

This brief guide replaces the NHS Trust Development Authority's guidance on salaries and is an update of our guidance on very senior manager pay published in February 2017. It provides advice to NHS trusts seeking executive very senior management salary approval and NHS foundation trusts seeking very senior management salary opinion.

The Department of Health and Social Care will soon be publishing the very senior manager national pay framework which will replace this guidance.

Executive appointments

The guidance originally produced by TDA on senior appointments in NHS trusts has been updated.  This guide provides advice to NHS trusts making permanent or temporary appointments to chief executive and director posts.


We are updating the severance guidance for NHS trusts written by NHS TDA and will publish this shortly. In the meantime the TDA guidance below continues to be live for NHS trusts and should be referred to in severance cases.  Any queries should be directed to the trust resourcing team:

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