Transformational Change through System Leadership (TCSL)


This programme supports senior cross-system leadership teams who are responsible for delivering major change programmes.

This fully funded programme provides access to expert, professional support and peer groups from healthcare systems across the country. It is targeted at teams of senior leaders who are working on a transformational change as part of an STP or ICS work programme. During the workshops, the teams are supported to put theory into practice as they work on their own system-wide, transformational change.

Based upon the proven concepts, tools and techniques used when working within complex healthcare environments, TCSL covers a broad range of topics. The workshops integrate a wide range of perspectives and theories — from complexity and system theories to the psychology of change — and participants have time to use various tools to shape their programme and build their change leadership capability. 

Previous participants share the challenges they faced and what improvements they plan to make since taking part in our TCSL programme.

About the programme

Delivered over four months, the full TCSL programme consists of six interactive workshop days, spread over three two-day workshops.

Throughout the programme, teams of senior leaders build their knowledge and skills and progress their change programme through intensive collaborative working. The programme combines exploration of a wide range of content areas with plenary, team and peer discussion. Teams spend time directly applying the programme content to their change area and planning how to progress the work between workshops. 

This is a fully funded programme. Participants are required to fund their own travel and accommodation costs.

The programme has supported over 100 healthcare teams and hundreds of individuals to develop and apply new skills. Previous cohorts have included support for integrated care pioneer sites, vanguard systems and a themed cohort for urgent and emergency care.

Some of the positive feedback that previous participants have given on the programme includes:

‘From my perspective, everything you presented challenged me and challenged our thinking. That’s exactly what I was looking for.’

‘The programme gave us time to explore the transformation project with colleagues in a focused way  getting to know each other and building trust. We came away with a range of techniques and methods to support our transformation.’

‘Our work needed to be much more targeted at the human aspects of partnership and winning hearts and minds. That was a major revelation we had during the programme’.

Who should apply?

The full six-day programme supports teams from multiple organisations who collectively represent the senior leadership group guiding a specific change area or priority in their healthcare system. We generally find that teams consist of 6-8 people and team members tend to be working at director level. Teams are expected to include:

  • most members at director level or equivalent 
  • multi-agency representation based upon the change area being worked upon
  • clinical and non-clinical members.

Teams are also expected to meet and work on their change area outside of the workshops and so should not be formed solely for the purposes of the TCSL programme.

Teams need to ensure that they have a sufficiently broad representation of system stakeholders and appropriate authority levels to work effectively on their chosen change area. A high proportion of workshop activities will be focused upon applying the concepts, tools and techniques to the team’s change area.

As an NHS-funded programme the focus of the change area being worked upon must be significantly healthcare related. However, team membership is not limited to healthcare organisations.

 Participants attend all workshop dates listed below

Insights into transformational change

'Insights into transformational change' is an introduction to the key concepts, tools and techniques required to lead transformational change across health and care systems delivered over two days. It is for senior leaders from healthcare systems who want to improve the way they deliver transformational change and start reflecting on their personal approach to change. 

Participants do not have to attend with colleagues working on the same change priority, but we have found with previous cohorts that attending with colleagues can enhance learning and help to move forward approaches to transformation. 

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